The South High School Band is a non-profit music education program that has many award-winning ensembles. It is a great way to grow as a musician and make new friends with similar interests! This program gives students many leadership opportunities and teaches them the importance of discipline. Read more to learn about the programs we offer!


The Spartan Marching Band performs for many South High football games as well as field competitions and parades. The Spartan marching band rehearses twice a week. Rehearsals are generally Tuesday night and Thursday night from 6-9 pm during the fall semester. All Advanced Band and Wind Ensemble members must participate in the Spartan Marching Band. Exceptions are granted to students participating in either the Varsity or Junior Varsity football or cheerleading programs. Students will earn 5 P.E. and fine arts credits per semester for participating in marching band.


Concert band is split into two parts, Advanced Band is designed to transition students from middle school K-8 band programs to the standards of a high school band, while Wind Ensemble is designed for students with advanced musical skills to grow as musicians. All students participating in concert band must participate in marching band as well (with a few exceptions granted to students by the South High Spartan Band Director, Mr. Thomas King). Both of these programs allow students to learn music of all kinds and perform at the Winter Concert, South Area Festival, Spring Concert, and Armed Forces Day Parade. Every other year students have the opportunity to travel to Europe to perform with professional bands and learn more about culture and traditions while also advancing their musical abilities.


The Jazz Band program is divided into three levels, based on the level of difficulty; Jazz Band A, Jazz Band B, and Jazz Band C. Jazz Band A is composed of mainly advanced upperclassmen, while those Jazz C is made up of underclassmen. In order to participate in Jazz A and B, you must audition and be approved of by the South High School Band Director, Mr. Thomas King. This program has an emphasis on classic and contemporary jazz. Select students are able to travel and perform at several concerts and jazz festivals both domestically and internationally. Last year in 2019, top jazz students had the opportunity to travel and perform to Washington and Canada to be adjudicated under rigorous criteria.


Colorguard performs at home football games and field competitions with the marching band. During Field Season in the fall, they practice during 6th period and rehearse with the band on Tuesday and Thursday nights. As a part of the Band program, they participate in the 7th period Spartan Marching Band class. Participants earn 5 P.E. and Fine Arts credits per semester for being in the Band Program.

Colorguard’s Winter Guard season generally begins in the Spring with 6th period practice and after school practices Tuesday and Thursday from 3-5 pm. During the Winter Guard Season, the team performs to pre-recorded music and competes with other schools in Southern California.


Typically during 6th period, these students perform during the fall semester with the marching band and colorguard. They make up the front ensemble (pit, who stay in front of the band) and the battery (drums and symbols who march on the field with the band). During the winter they have their own season, competing against other schools in Southern California. Our drumline is an award-winning program that allows students to enhance their musical abilities in creative ways. Through our drumline program, students gain a much keener sense of time and rhythm, as well as an environment of fun, hard-working people.

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