TV Production is a class to introduce students to media, film and video production tools, techniques, software applications, practice and career exploration. Students in this course start their journey in Production and Managerial Arts career pathway. Students will simulate entering a video production studio working on various video, television, and media production projects with a team. Learning to use the digital software programs (such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC) will give students software skills required to advance into career opportunities in movie, film, and television broadcasting. Topics include the fundamental aspects of storyboarding, scriptwriting, camera operation, lighting, audio recording, video editing, and using aesthetic elements and techniques. The four stages of video production will be covered including the Development, Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production tasks. Students will have a chance to research pathway-related careers, compete in various local, state and national film festivals and competitions for real-world experience and possible recognition for their original creative work.


Students are given the unique opportunity to take academic concepts such as the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design and apply them to emerging technologies in the real world.  Students will attain this through designing a digital experience and interactions that are useful, easy, and enjoyable.  Students will obtain the underlying skills required to build engaging, interactive user experiences for the web, mobile, and smart devices while problem-solving aesthetic design challenges.  The course covers technologies, tools, processes, and techniques used in the production of digital media including illustration, image manipulation, and layout of text, graphics, video, and interactive media.  Students will use computers and other related hardware and software to prepare digital media assets.  Forms of media developed using current and emerging technologies will be covered.