At South High School, we are extremely proud of our dance department.  This highly reputable organization includes four different levels of dance, and everyone is welcome.  We explore choreography, various genres of dance, technical accuracy, creativity, and the sheer love of dance.  We encourage exploration, self awareness, and mental and physical strength.  Below is an explanation of our four levels of dance.  


This group is the most experienced level of our department.  It involves an intense audition process, and potential is highly considered.   We train like a professional company, and compete at a National level.  We train with some of the hottest choreographers and master teachers of the moment, and are challenged at every level of our training.  This group performs in various dance concerts, performs at charity events, fundraisers, and numerous school events and activities.  We are a Nationally Championship ranked team, and many of our members work or will go on to work as professional dancers & choreographers.  We train in jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip-hop & other genres.  We are known as the story tellers, and the team that always brings fire to the floor.   We pride ourselves on team work, trust, hard work, dedication, support for each other, and always pushing to inspire and be the best we can be.  We are very proud of our department, and feel fortunate to represent South High School in the dance community.  


This group is composed of  dancers that have some sort of dance experience, and also includes an audition process.  This group is the starting point to explore different types of dance, and choreography is developed and encouraged.  We train within the fundamentals of jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, and hip hop.  This group performs in various dance concerts, charity events & school fundraisers.  This class focuses on confidence, a positive self concert, exploring creativity, and mental and physical strength.  We pride ourselves on team work, trust, hard work, dedication, support for each other, and always improving in every way possible.


This group is our starting point of the dance department.  There is no audition necessary, and you don't need any prior experience. We focus on the fundamentals of ballet, jazz, hip hop, basic dance conditioning, breathing through movement, and learning how to transfer weight.  We develop the skills to pick up choreography & and the confidence to perform it.  We focus on a positive self concept, constructive peer evaluation, creative expression, and mental and physical strength.  


This group is our most recent addition to our dance family here at South.  This is our "South High All Male" hip hop crew.  This group is open to anyone, and no experience is necessary.  We have various levels in this group, and our focus is on various styles of hip hop, the correct technique, performance, and developing choreography.  We focus on a positive self concept, constructive peer evaluation, creative expression and movement , and performance qualities.  We pride ourselves on the development of this group, and expanding it through hard work, and respect.  

Meet Our Director:

Sacha Mendivil worked as a professional dancer for over 25 years, and has an extensive entertainment resume.   She continues to share her choreography, and is known for telling stories through the art of dance.  She has been the director and head coach for South Dance for over 15 years, and loves developing and training dancers.  She believes in hard work, love for each other, respect for the dance community, having an open heart, and ALWAYS finding ways to beLIeVE.

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