Mission Statement

South High School Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is bound in a mutual alliance between those who teach and those who learn.

WE BELIEVE in maintaining an atmosphere of creative and independent thinking.

WE BELIEVE in developing new and challenging experiences that will help students make appropriate educational and occupational choices; developing techniques of critical and objective analysis; acquiring skills in securing accurate information, in organizing materials and in expressing ideas.

WE BELIEVE in providing opportunities to understand the principles of physical fitness and to cultivate good health habits; opportunities and guidance for the development of the individual discovery and appraisal of his/her strengths and weaknesses, that he/she, may be able to solve his/ her own problems and make his/her own choices in a socially acceptable manner.

WE BELIEVE in building citizenship and tolerance through group endeavor by emphasizing self-control and self-discipline as well as teamwork and cooperation.

WE BELIEVE in teaching the importance of courteous, cooperative work-relationships and the appreciation of the achievements and opinions of others.

WE BELIEVE in discovering the interests and talents of a student and guiding him/her in the proper preparation and application of his/her particular ability.

WE BELIEVE in inculcating a sense of individual responsibility to the family, community, state, and nation.

WE BELIEVE in promoting intellectual curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking.

WE BELIEVE in supplementing the home and the community agencies in the development of ethical character and an understanding of moral principles as a basis for a philosophy of life.