Greenhouse is a student-led organization that attends and supports South High athletics. Greenhouse's purpose is to bring the energy of any game up several notches while also creating an intimidating environment for opponents. At South High, that manifests itself in the form of well-known chants and hand/arm gestures, coordinated costumes (Hawaiian night, anyone?) and a loud and proud student section. For the students in attendance — many of whom tend to be student-athletes on different teams who want to support one another — it can be a unique and exciting way to show some school spirit and get connected.

Coordinated efforts to support campus teams can be a pretty important factor in creating school pride — it’s why South High makes a concerted effort to support this group. One notable positive about this organization is that they support more than just football — though Friday nights are surely a good place to see a bunch of rowdy students populating the student section on the Home Side. In the fall, girls volleyball games are also a popular destination for Greenhouse to emerge, and their presence makes a difference to the athletes on the court. During winter, basketball and soccer are the main destinations, where channeling their spirit to influence the game is a priority. When spring hits, boys volleyball and baseball tend to take center stage for Greenhouse, where they make their voices heard from the bleachers, next to the court, or from behind home plate!

For more information, check out their Instagram: @shsgreenhouse