This class is designed to introduce the student to the fundamental elements of news writing, page layout, and photography. Students will learn the terms and concepts of the journalism, including the history of the field and the ethics of journalism. Classes will include discussions, workshops, group and individual meetings, writing, revising, and publishing. Students will read and discuss recently published articles that have appeared in print or online, and will also read and evaluate some examples of creative journalism.

In this elective course, students will participate in the publication of the school newspaper, The Sword & Shield. In doing so, students will develop their writing, interviewing, business, and publication skills. Course Goals:
  • Students will improve their writing through writing multiple genres of journalism articles (such as news, features, and sports articles)
  • Students will become familiar with the writing process and AP style/grammar
  • Students will learn the essential elements of photography and page design
  • Students will acquire business skills, including selling advertisements, conducting interviews, and acting in a professional manner
  • Students will learn the steps of the publication process and meet publication deadlines
  • Students will work as a part of a professional team

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