Ap & Honors

AP Coordinator: If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Majima at majima.lisa@tusd.org

Important Information Codes & Links: 

In order to sign up for AP tests you must do both steps: 

1. Collegeboard AP classroom to join the class- this is what ensures that you are taking the exam (your teacher has your join code for the course).

2. Go onto total registration and pay for your exams (this is how you ensure that an exam is ordered): www.totalregistration.net/AP/053522 


If you are interested in taking an exam-only (no teacher) AP test, email Mrs.Majima. 

SSD Accommodations Approval form for AP testing
Titan (Free and Reduced Lunch application).  Students who qualify for this program will only pay $5 per AP exam. 
AP/Honors Course Commitment Form


 Honors/AP Expectations

  • The Honors and AP courses are rigorous and demanding. Students need to have the necessary academic background, commitment and motivation to succeed.
  • AP courses are equivalent to freshman-level courses at a University and at the conclusion of an AP course students will have the opportunity to take the corresponding AP exam.
  • Success in these courses may require students to sacrifice school sponsored and community activities.
  • Summer homework is required in Honors/AP courses and becomes part of the student’s fall semester grade.
  • Students should discuss their decision to take Honors/AP courses with their teacher, counselor and parents.
  • Students are expected to attend the spring information meeting for each course in which they want to enroll. Students will contact the teacher in the case of a missed meeting. 

Honors/AP Enrollment Policy

  • By enrolling, students are agreeing to a yearlong commitment
  • There is no grade guarantee of “C” or better just because it is an honors class.
  • Grades of “D” will remain in the class at the semester
  • The UC system requires students to repeat any grade of “D” for credit.
  • The grade earned will become part of the student’s permanent record.
  • Only students with a grade of “F” will be considered for a class change at the semester. Priority will go to students enrolled in a class that is a graduation requirement