Ap & Honors

AP Coordinator: If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Shapiro at  shapiro.mandi@tusd.org

Important Information Codes & Links: 

South High AP/Honors Google Classroom Join Code: ekevobs
South High AP/Honors Schoology Join Code: G96X-T8WB-N84KK
AP Exam Registration Information
College Board/AP Classroom  

AP/Honors Forms:

SSD Accommodations Approval form for AP testing
Titan (Free and Reduced Lunch application).  Students who qualify for this program will only pay $5 per AP exam. 
AP/Honors Course Commitment Form

 Honors/AP Expectations

  • The Honors and AP courses are rigorous and demanding. Students need to have the necessary academic background, commitment and motivation to succeed.
  • AP courses are equivalent to freshman-level courses at a University and at the conclusion of an AP course students will have the opportunity to take the corresponding AP exam.
  • Success in these courses may require students to sacrifice school sponsored and community activities.
  • Summer homework is required in Honors/AP courses and becomes part of the student’s fall semester grade.
  • Students should discuss their decision to take Honors/AP courses with their teacher, counselor and parents.
  • Students are expected to attend the spring information meeting for each course in which they want to enroll. Students will contact the teacher in the case of a missed meeting. 

Honors/AP Enrollment Policy

  • By enrolling, students are agreeing to a yearlong commitment
  • There is no grade guarantee of “C” or better just because it is an honors class.
  • Grades of “D” will remain in the class at the semester
  • The UC system requires students to repeat any grade of “D” for credit.
  • The grade earned will become part of the student’s permanent record.
  • Only students with a grade of “F” will be considered for a class change at the semester. Priority will go to students enrolled in a class that is a graduation requirement