BSU LogoBlack Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union (BSU) of South High School is committed to intellectual, cultural, social and ethnic diversity. The BSU's focus is to build   awareness, education, and a new level of consciousness about being an African American in today's society. The Club aims to teach others about diversity  and show that, through engagaing in activities focused around acceptance and tolerance, we will get a better understanding of others while learning about ourselves. The BSU organization inclusively works to bring about positive racial relations on campus by promoting mutual respect for all cultures. 
President: Lamarr Kirk
Club Sponsor: Ms. Calbi
Instagram: @shs_bsu_
Location: P1
Meeting Day: Friday 

French Club at SHSFrench Club

Students in the French Club have the opportunity to participate in a variety of French cultural activities involving art, cuisine, fashion, films, holiday traditions, and more. It is not necessary to be a French student to join, and the club is open to South High students grades 9-12. The club’s goal is to promote understanding and appreciation of the language, culture, and people of France..
President: Kristin Hulsy
Club Sponsor: Ms. LeSage
Instagram: @southhighfrenchclub
Location: F4
Meeting Day: Monday

Indian Alliance Club at SHSIndian Alliance Club

The Indian Alliance Club is a club to help bring awareness of Indian culture, celebrate Indian festivals and promote unity between different cultures through holding events ans hosting actvities. Club members will talk about all aspects of Indian culture such as religion, food, history, etc. The Indian Club aims to implement, spread, and promote Indian culture and traditions into the SHS community. The Indian Allicance hopes to create an inclusive environment where everyone can fully immerse themselves in a different perspective. 
Please note: This club is currently inactivie due to lack of sponsorship.
President: NA
Club Sponsor: NA
Instagram: @indianalliance_shs
Location: NA
Meeting Day: TBD

Korean Club at SHSKorean Club

Korean Club is a culturally enriching program which aims to bring together the community through shared interests. By way of music, food, sports, and even traditional games, it is our hope that every member leaves having a greater appreciation for Korean culture. As one of South’s largest clubs, our inclusive activities are both educational and fun for all.

President: Audrey Kim
Club Sponsor: Ms. Park
Instagram: @shs.koreanclub
Location: F6
Meeting Day: 1st and 3rd Fridays 

Japanese Club at SHSTomadachi Club (aka Japanese Club)

The Tomodachi Culture Club focuses on a variety of aspects of the Japanese culture. This club studies the many facets of Japan including food, dress and Anime. Members have an opportunity to plan and participate in events that celebrate the Japanese culture. In Tomodachi Club, students strive to learn and take part in the many different aspects of the colorful world known as Japanese Culture. Meetings consist of a wide variety of activities, a few of them are dancing, trying traditional foods, and viewing pop culture. 
President: Yuuki Hori
Club Sponsor: Ms. Takahashi
Instagram: @shstomodachiclub
Location: L22
Meeting Day: Thursday

Spanish Club 

The Spanish Club is dedicated to the exploration and celebration of the language, customs, and traditions of Spain and Latin America.  Spanish Club is a fun and casual culture club where you can experience the cuisine, holidays, traditions, and culture of spanish speaking countries around the world. All students are welcome to join at any time to discover the vastness and variety of Spanish culture. 
President: Simran Sama
Club Sponsor: Ms. O'Keefe
Instagram: @spanishclub_shs
Location: F5
Meeting Day: Monday

Taiwanese Chinese Asian AssociationT.C.A.A. (Taiwanese Chinese Asian Association) 

The Taiwanese Chinese Asian Association seeks to integrate Chinese culture into the already culturally-diverse SHS community. Taiwanese Chinese American Association is a club that explores the rich culture of China, with many fun activities such as crafts and virtual tours! The goal is to promote the understanding of this culture and its traditions.  TCAA  meets throughout the school year and is open to all students who are interested in learning about the language and culture.  
President: Kailyn Kuo
Club Sponsor: Ms. Cho
Instagram: @shstcaa
Location: L23
Meeting Day: Tuesday