Drop Off Reminders

Important Drop off and Pick Up reminder

Safety is a priority.  Please follow the procedures when dropping off or picking up your student.

Front of the School Drop Off

  • Please enter the drop off zone from the arrow designated to ENTER from 185th Street. We prefer cars drive one-way down this street during drop off and pickup times.

  • Slowly pull your car as far forward as possible towards the furthest drop off zone along the school front (the RED STAR indicated below).

  • Before letting your student exit your car, make sure they exit car towards the sidewalk side and enter the school with all their items in hand. 

Use Columbia Park Parking as a Drop off Site

To help reduce our drop off congestion, we highly encourage all families to drop off at Columbia Park (indicated in PINK below) and advise your student to safely walk on the sidewalk towards the front of the school. 

Note: If your student needs to enter at the back gate (Prairie Side), ask your student to walk cautiously on the sidewalk. Only the gate at the North Side will be opened at designated times. Gate is indicated with a GREEN STAR below.