School Wide Testing

Student on computer

School Wide
State Testing
May 2nd - 19th

These tests require a lot of focus and energy. Help your student be at their best. 

During the testing weeks, please make sure your child gets these two things:

  • a full night sleep (at least 8 hours)

  • a nutritious breakfast before coming to school.

These simple two things go a long way to reduce stress and help a student feel more confident while taking these tests.

Testing Schedule and Information

Tuesday is usual Late Start days during the testing period. 

All other days during testing we will be on a block schedule. The longer class periods give students more time to complete their tests.

Bell Schedule For extended Block Days

Mon & Thurs Wed and Fri Times
Period 1 Period 2 8:40 - 10:30   (110 minutes)
Snack Snack 10:30 - 10:45 (15 minutes)
Period 3 Period 4 10:48 - 12:38 (110 minutes)
Lunch Lunch 12:38 -  1:23 (45 minutes)
Period 5 Period 6 1:26 -  3:16     (110 minutes)

Click here for more information from the California Department of Education