Flyer Approval Policies

TUSD cooperates but limits correspondences that are distributed to parents to community organizations or programs that are educational and enrichment in nature.  In an effort to be cost efficient, environmentally friendly, and streamline the distribution process, TUSD distributes materials electronically, via Peachjar.

Flyers will be uploaded to Peachjar and approved by the District Public Information Officer, Tammy Khan. Please note: Flyers will be approved and sent out on a weekly basis. Flyers should be sent to the PIO by Thursday by 12pm to be electronically delivered that week. Any flyer received after that time will not be sent out until the following Friday. 

TUSD approves the distribution of:


  • Educational events aligned to the District’s vision, mission, and core values for the betterment of student learning
  • Healthy and wholesome enrichment opportunities that support education beyond the classroom
  • Leisure activities for our students and families sponsored by organizations/agencies that support our schools or district 

TUSD does not approve distribution of:


  • Flyers for private businesses (martial arts, tutoring, computer companies, coupons/discounts, etc.).
  • Flyers for organizations that do not have a partnership with TUSD schools

Flyer Uploading Requirements (Size and Format):

  • Be in PDF format
  • Contain clip art only- no images of people, students, etc. 
  • Be in portrait orientation- 8.5 x 11
  • Bear the name and contact information of the sponsoring entity


For facility use permit please visit our website at:


For banner approval application please visit our website at: