Welcome to Purchasing & Communication Services

Under the Administrative Services Division, the Purchasing & Communication Services Department provides our administration and schools with a highest level of customer service.  The department strives to serve the best interest of the District, ensuring that all transactions are conducted in an ethical manner that builds public confidence and preserves the integrity of an open and fair procurement process for all our suppliers and contractors.

The Purchasing & Communication Services Department is responsible for purchasing all supplies, equipment, and materials as well as contractual agreements to support all District sites and offices in obtaining the best quality and value for products and services. The ultimate goal of the department is to support our schools so that all students achieve and receive the highest quality education.

Department Contacts

The Purchasing Department is located next door to the Warehouse

  • Gioconda Padilla, Director - 310-972-6211
    • Email: padilla.gioconda@tusd.org
  • Diana Kean, Senior Buyer - 310-972-6215
    • Email: kean.diana@tusd.org
  • Mary Ellen Nobuhara, Buyer - 310-972-6217
    • Email: nobuhara.maryellen@tusd.org
  • Cynthia Rocha, Buyer - 310-972-6218
    • Email: rocha.cynthia@tusd.org
  • Tammy Terashi, Purchasing Technician - 310-972-6214
    • Email: terashi.tammy@tusd.org
  • Renee Des Voigne, Purchasing Technician - 310-972-6216
    • Email: desvoigne.renee@tusd.org​​​​​​​

Assigned Buyer By Region

Cynthia Rocha

Mary Ellen Nobuhara

South High School

West High School

North High School

Torrance High School

Calle Mayor Middle School

Jefferson Middle School

Casimir Middle School

Hull Middle School

Richardson Middle School

Lynn Middle School

Magruder Middle School

Madrona Middle School

Arnold Elementary

Anza Elementary

Arlington Elementary

Adams Elementary

Seaside Elementary

Victor Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Torrance Elementary

Riviera Elementary

Towers Elementary

Carr Elementary

Wood Elementary

Walteria Elementary


Edison Elementary

Fern Elementary



Yukon Elementary

Hickory Elementary

Additional Services

Diana Kean, Senior Buyer

Mary Ellen Nobuhara, Buyer

Cynthia Rocha, Buyer Tammy Terashi, Purchasing Technician Renee Des Voigne, Purchasing Technician Daniel Chan, Reprographics Technician
Construction and Bids Levy and Griffith Adult Centers Hamilton Adult Center Outsourced Printing Assistance Travel & Conferences In-House Printing Services
Capital Improvement Furniture Curriculum Supply Blanket POs (non-construction Contract Mgmt Assistance  
Buyer for D.O. Depts Technology Books      
  Launch Tykes