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Along with the PTSA newletter and Principal letter, this page may be updated from time to time as another communication line with our parents and community.

New Attendance Policies

  • Please make sure students and parents check "Parent Connect" on a regular basis for attendance. If there are errors, they must be resolved within 2 days. Remember, we no longer use the re-admit form, but we still require a note for any absences.
  • Off Campus Passes must be acquired BEFORE students leave campus from the Attendance Office (notes in before 8:00 AM) or the Health Office. If a student leaves without an Off Campus Pass, the absence cannot get excused after the fact and will result in a truant. If a student leaves for illness or personal reasons, students cannot return the same day.
  • Students only have 2 days to clear up a regularabsence otherwise it will change to a truant and will not be able to be cleared at a later date.
  • Students CANNOT sign their own absent notes even if the parent has allowed them--it will change to a truant and a possible suspension for forgery.
  • If a student has 3 or more truants in one class they will not be allowed to attend school dances, and seniors that could possibly be other activities as well--remember the prom.
  • Drop Offs - The Attendance Office will not be accepting any gift items such as flowers, balloons and/or presents for students. However, if a student is expecting items such as lunches, lunch money, books, folders, homework, etc., from parent or guardian, it is the students responsibility to check if the item has been dropped off in the Attendance Office when time permits. Students WILL NOT be called from the classroom.
  • Confiscated Items - If students possessions are confiscated, such as, hats, ipods, cell phones, etc., -- the 1st time a student can pick the item up after school. The 2nd time and anytime after that, a parent or guardian must personally pick up the item. The 3rd time and after you could be suspended. Any games will need to be physically picked up by parent or guardian the 1st time and any time after that. The list for items confiscated will not start over each year, it continues through the 12th grade.

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