Transcript Requests

Current Students:

All transcripts will be paid for in K-1. Students will bring their request form, along with $2 (cash only) per transcript, and their student ID. Seniors will continue to request college transcripts through Naviance, rather than filling out the form, and will also pay in K-1. This can be done before school, at lunch, and after school only. Students will then bring their receipt to the counseling office for processing. 

Transcript Request Form (current students)

Former Students:

Former students will fill out a separate form and pay $5 per transcript (no checks) in the counseling office (note: if you graduated before 2004, your first transcript will cost $20, and any additional copies will be $5 per transcript). If you cannot come in person, you may mail this form to South High School's counseling office, along with your payment (no checks), and a copy of your ID. 

Transcript Request Form (non-current students)

Additional Forms for Seniors:

Some schools will request a "Mid-Year" transcript and report in January/February. If any of your colleges ask for this, please fill out this form, and then follow the rest of the transcript request procedures.

Mid-Year Transcript Request Form (CURRENT SENIORS ONLY)

Seniors will need to send a final transcript to the college they will officially be attending. Fill this form out, and then follow the rest of the transcript request procedures.

Final Transcript Request Form (CURRENT SENIORS ONLY)