Transcript Requests

Current Students:

All transcripts will be paid for in the Counseling Office, Students will bring their request form, along with $2 (cash only) per transcript, and their student ID.

Transcript requests  can be made before school, at lunch, and after school only. 

Transcript Request Form (current students)

MIDYEAR Transcript Request:

Some schools will request a "Mid-Year" transcript and report in January/February. If any of your colleges ask for this, please fill out this form, and then follow the rest of the transcript request procedures.

Mid-Year Transcript Request Form (CURRENT SENIORS ONLY)

Seniors will need to send a final transcript to the college they will officially be attending. Fill this form out, and then follow the rest of the transcript request procedures.

FINAL Transcript Request:

Final Transcript Request Form ( CURRENT STUDENTS ONLY)

Former Students:

Former students will fill out a separate form and pay $5 per transcript (no checks) in the counseling office (note: if you graduated before 2004, your first transcript will cost $20, and any additional copies will be $5 per transcript). If you cannot come in person, you may mail this form to South High School's counseling office, along with your payment (no checks), and a copy of your ID. 

Transcript Request Form (non-current students)