Parent Information Session with Question and Answers

Parent Information Session with Question and Answers

2020-2021 Reopening of Schools
Parent Information Session with Question and Answers

Dear TUSD Families,

Thank you for your interest, input, and questions during the July 9 Parent Information Session. As we continue to plan for students and staff to safely return in August, we have planned a series of webinars to share information with parents and answer their questions.

The goal of yesterday’s Parent Information Session presentation was to provide families with additional details about the 2020-2021 school year and help answer parent questions. Because many parents have similar inquiries, we will continue to answer questions collectively, during the presentations and post-presentation question and answer portion. We hope through this process all parents can benefit from the information shared and questions asked.

We were thrilled that so many parents were interested in participating in yesterday’s session as we reached our maximum capacity of 500! We have doubled our Zoom attendance capability for future meetings so that we can accommodate up to 1,000 attendees. We hope even more parents can participate in our upcoming webinars.

If you were unable to attend the July 9 zoom session, you can watch the presentation by clicking here:

As a way to seek additional parent input, we have added a session for next week. The next Parent Information Session with Q and A will be on Thursday, July 16 at 10 am and 5 pm. The 10 am session will focus on elementary schools (TK-5) and the 5 pm session will focus on secondary schools (6-12). Parents are welcome to attend either session, however, the Q and A will be reserved for parents who have questions about the specific grade levels covered in the particular session.

Elementary Zoom link (Password: 034977) for 10 am:

Secondary Zoom link (Password 05628) for 5 pm:

Additionally, this week the District hosted a Board Workshop on July 8. If you were unable to attend that meeting, you can watch it here:

Once again, we appreciate your support as we navigate how best to reopen our schools safely for all our students, their families, and our staff.  


Tim Stowe, Ed.D.
Interim Superintendent