Virtual Learning Plan

Virtual Learning Plan

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in our TUSD family for working together as an entire community to support our transition from school to home learning.

Our exceptional teachers and administrators have been working tirelessly as we shifted (almost overnight) from classroom teaching to virtual (home) learning. I recognize how difficult this transformation is for our teaching staff and for you and your child(ren). For many of our teachers, this will be the first time they have had to deliver curriculum and instruction online or virtually.

Throughout the past two weeks our goal was to ensure students had some academic support through a continuity of learning format. This will continue through next Wednesday, April 1st. We will utilize April 2nd and 3rd to give our teachers the opportunity to plan, receive professional development, and meet (virtually) in teams. This means there will not be instruction (or assignments) next Thursday and Friday. After Spring Break, beginning on April 13th, teachers will begin implementing a virtual learning plan that although will not replicate school, will provide a more stable schedule.

All grade levels will have minutes of instruction that will occur Monday-Thursday in the mornings as follows:

  per day per week (Mon-Thurs)
TK/K 60 240
1st 75 300
2nd 90 360
3rd 105 420
4th 120 480
5th 135 540
6th-12th 120 MS-Up to 60 mins per class, per week for homework/additional work

HS-Up to 120 mins per class, per week for homework/additional work

Please Note: Accelerated Math classes, high school Honors, and AP classes may experience higher amounts of homework/additional work


This allows for the afternoons and Fridays for individual teacher office hours, tutorials and intervention, counseling and special education services to occur.

You should expect for your child’s teacher to be providing instruction both synchronously and asynchronously.

  • Synchronous - This is when students learn at the same time
    • communication is in real time
    • allows for instant feedback and clarification
    • examples: videoconferencing, live chat, interactive webinars, lectures
  • Asynchronous - This is when students learn at different times
    • communication is not live
    • allows students to work at their own pace
    • examples: emailing, reading articles & posting in discussion forums, screencasts and assignments within GoogleClassroom and eTUSD

As we transition to this new format, parents should reach out to your child’s teacher or site administrator and express any challenges they are facing so we can help them. 

Technology Support:

  • New! Please visit our website for a step-by-step guide on the platforms utilized by TUSD teachers and students: We also have developed a hotline if you need additional assistance:

Nutrition Services:

Our Nutrition services team continues to provide breakfast and lunch, serving an average of 4,000 meals a day. Additionally, our custodial and maintenance staff have been working at school sites making sure schools are being thoroughly cleaned and maintained.

  • Breakfast and Lunch continues to be served daily from 8:00 am-1:00 pm at these locations: Carr, Edison, Torrance Elementary Schools & Hull and Magruder Middle Schools
  • Children do not need to be present for parents to pick-up meals (starting Monday, March 30th).
  • Meals will also be served during Spring Break!

As we move forward with our plan, there may be modifications and adjustments in our plan as we see what is working and what may need to change. Schools will be sharing additional school-specific details next week.

We are in uncharted territory with COVID-19. I ask you for your patience and understanding as we learn, adapt, and grow in our changing environment.

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