SHS Site Council

The South High Council is made up of parents, teachers, administrators, students, and business community members elected by their respective interest groups.  Members are elected for two-year terms. Elections are held in April and interested candidates must file by March.

The South High Council will meet quarterly during the academic year. Agendas of the meetings are available in the principal’s office one week prior to a scheduled meeting.  Minutes of council meetings are also available in the principal’s office. You are welcome to contact any member of the council regarding your interests or concerns.

Members of the South High Council are listed below:

PARENTS: Michelle Briggs, Deanna Diederich, Cheryl Keel, and Marija Marino
STUDENTS: 4 Class Presidents
STAFF: Teresa Cordova
TEACHERS: Carol Bonn, Dwight Lee, Trisha Minahan
COUNSELOR: Brian Polun
ADMINISTRATOR: Michelle Fournier