Anyone leaving school without a South High approved "off-campus pass" will be issued a "truant" re-admit slip. This cannot be cleared by note. No exceptions will be made. Students may be cited by the Torrance Police for Truancy.

"Off-campus passes" must be obtained from the Health Office if a student becomes ill at school and needs to go home for the remainder of the day. Parents will be contacted before the student can be released by the Health Office. A written note from the parent indication date and dismissal time is required for any other "off-campus pass" obtained from the attendance office. This written request must be delivered to the attendance office by 8:00 am so that the note can be processed properly. Be sure to provide a parent contact phone number on that note.

"Off-campus passes" are for students to leave campus for the remainder of the school day. students can leave campus and return to school the same day only for doctor appointments. Students who have doctor appointments and wish to return to school later in the day are, upon return to the South High campus, to report to the Attendance Office and return the "off-campus pass" and provide written verification of the appointment from the doctor before returning to class.

Due to the closing of all high school campuses by the Torrance Unified School District, no "off-campus lunch passes" will be issued.