Welcome to Wildcat Workshop!
Temporarily on hold due to Covid 19

What is Wildcat Workshop?  

Students begin signing up EVERY Monday for the entire week.  
It is an Intervention/Enrichment program that TUSD and Madrona have implemented, this our 2nd year, to provide your child with additional academic support and enrichment opportunities built into the school day four times per week.   Types of support may include academic review and re-teach, preparation for tests, opportunities for quiz retakes.   


What if your child does not need academic support?   
We have a variety of other enrichment classes that students may choose from such as:

Drawing/Painting Typing Practice
Trivia Brain Games Walking Club
Non-Fiction Reading Club Study Skills
Creative Writing
Dancing & Sports 
Student Silent Reading (SSR) Music Practice

HOW can parents help?   Please remind your children to sign up for Workshop between Friday morning and Sunday evening and to check their etusd emails for their booking assignments.


When are Academic Workshop Priority Support Days? Teachers will pre-sign up students from their classes who need the support.  Students may also sign up for these priorities as well.  Workshop takes place for 30 minutes after period 4 and before lunch.

Monday: Student Advisement (Per 9) on Student Schedule
Wednesday: Math
Thursday: English Language Arts
Friday: Social Studies and Science

HOW STUDENTS Sign-Up for Wildcat Workshop on ETUSD:



  1. Students Log into etusd, use student TUSD ID number for username and ID number plus the two capital letters for password.
  2. Click Wildcat Workshop on right side under My Courses
  3. Click the tab for the week coming up (for instance 10/15 is the first week)
  4. Click the date for booking (i.e. Wed. 10/17 is the first day students can book).
  5. Scroll and find the Workshop or teacher.  You may only book one Workshop, so be careful when choosing.
  1. When you find the Workshop you want, click the “Book Now” button.
    If there are no “Book Now” buttons, that means a teacher has already put you into their Workshop for that day.
  1. After you click the “Book Now” button, it will take you to a “terms” page, Click the “Continue” button.
  1. It will let you know you have booked successfully. You will get an email confirmation.
  1. Use the links at the top of the page to go back to the Bookings tab that has the week you are booking. (10/15 would be the first week)
  1. Pick the next day, which is Thursday, and do the process over again starting at #5, for Friday.

Students can start booking from the Monday of that week at 8:00 a.m. to Tuesday 3:00 p.m.

Students sign up (book) their workshops for the week on Monday during Homeroom (SSR).

Remember once students sign up, they cannot change.

Students should WRITE down their bookings in their planner.