Student Recognition and SAR (Student Achievement Rally)

Student Achievement Rallies take place several times per year.  Run by the ASB/Leadership Class, students participate in spirit games.  Faculty and PTSA may also take the opportunity to recognize students for various achievements, including Madrona Merit, Perfect Attendance, and more.

New for 2018-2019 school year, three times per year at the SAR Assembly that takes place a few weeks after Q1, Q2, Q3, faculty members will recognize students who have demonstrated positive citizenship and behavior that exemplifies our "Be Here and Be an Example" motto (see matrix here)



A few weeks following the conclusion of Q1, Q2, Q3, Honor Roll lists will be posted near the office and emailed to parents in the Friday Weekly News  bulletin.  Q4 concludes on the last day of school so lists for Q4 will not be posted.  More than 50% of Madrona students each quarter typically achieve this academic honor.  To earn the title of Honor Roll, a student must:

Achieve a minimum 3.50 grade point average at the end of each Quarter. 
Only classes taken at Madrona are used for Honor Roll.
Physical Education grade is included in the calculation. 
Grade point averages are NOT rounded off (a 3.49 is not rounded up). 
All achievement grades must be a C or above.  
All citizenship grades must be S or above. 
Honor Roll Lists will be posted at school and on the website approximately 2 weeks following Q1, Q2, Q3. 

8th Grade Awards

Faculty members may award 8th grade students for various academic, civic, and athletic achievements during one of the promotion practices that take place at Madrona during the last week of school.