Student Recognition

Student Achievement Rallies take place several times per year in which students participate in fun activities that promote camaraderie and class spirit.  Faculty members recognize STUDENTS OF THE QUARTER, and many other achievements throughout the year.  

HONOR ROLL STANDARDS:  To achieve placement on the Honor Roll, a student must:
Achieve a minimum 3.50 grade point average at the end of each Quarter. 
Only classes taken at Madrona are used for Honor Roll.
Physical Education grade is included in the calculation. 
Grade point averages are NOT rounded off (a 3.49 is not rounded up). 
All achievement grades must be a C or above.  All effort grades must be a 3 or above. 
All citizenship grades must be S or above. 
Honor Roll Lists will be posted at school and on the website approximately 2 weeks following Q1, Q2, Q3.