Madrona participates in a Torrance Unified School District Middle School Athletic League with seven other middle schools. The goal of this program is to foster school spirit, build engagement, and prepare students for high school sports. Students will learn about tryout schedules during daily announcements and through PE classes. All students are welcome to try out! Try-outs are advertised a few weeks before the beginning of the season.

TUSD Middle School League Season (approximate)
Soccer (September-November)
Volleyball  (November-January
Basketball (January-March)
Cross Country (year-long)
Flag Football (March-May)

Torrance Unified School District’s after-school athletic programs are designed to expose all middle school students to competitive, after-school sport opportunities where the development of specific sport skills, the value of sportsmanship and teamwork, and the promoting of school spirit is our main priority.  It is our mission to provide as many students the possibility to be a part of a team or individual athletic activity in a sport they enjoy and could be a part of at the high school level.