Clubs & Student Engagement Activities

Madrona is home to various service organizations and clubs, athletics, and  extracurricular activities. Students are encouraged to participate in many activities that can help shape their futures as they grow towards becoming responsible community citizens.  Each year faculty members volunteer to spearhead various lunchtime, before or after school clubs and activities open to all students.   Students will learn more about the various offerings once school begins, and may sign up throughout the school year. Activities may include:

  • Art Activities
  • Anime Club
  • Book Club
  • Classic Cinema Club-exploring our film history with Chaplin & Laurel and Hardy.
  • Freestyle Lego Building
  • MathCounts Club-Culminates inTorrance Regional Middle School Math Competition
  • Group Games (board games and outdoor activities such as Cornhole)
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club-including regional tournaments

Service and Volunteerism
California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) (7th/8th grade only)

Leadership and volunteerism to school and community are important qualities and skills to a well rounded and enriched life.   We believe student leaders should give back to their school and community. CJSF emphasizes high academic standards and community service.  Students must maintain a 3.5 GPA with all E/S marks in citizenship.  Only grades earned in grade 7 and 8 will count toward membership, and assessed each semester.  To remain active, members are to serve at least 20 community service hours per semester. Students must be active for 2 semesters in order to earn recognition at 8th grade promotion.  Students with 50 or more volunteer  hours in the school year will receive “The President's Volunteer Service Award" directly from the President of the United States.  Students who serve 50-74 hours will earn a Bronze pin/certificate, those who serve 75-99 hours will earn a Silver pin/certificate and those who serve 100+ hours will earn a Gold pin/certificate. 

Wildcat Justice Peer Mediation Group
Carina Adra, School Counselor & Wildcat Justice Advisor

Peer mediation is a restorative practice that helps encourage a safe, welcoming community at school, by encouraging students to problem solve together in a healthy way. Wildcat Justice is a group of students trained in peer mediation to help solve conflicts in a peaceful, neutral, non-biased way. Peer mediation helps to create a more peaceful school environment by handling conflicts before the conflict escalates.  Students work together in meaningful discussions and activities to better understand fostering tolerance, ethics, cultural dialogue and understand the value of peace, security and intercultural relations. 

Congratulations to our four students who will be newly certified Peer Mediators this May 2021:  Celine Chang, Chesney Hammond, Lana Yamagami and Melody Cam.  Since October 2020, these students have participated in weekly peer mediation trainings with the Western Justice Center.  Our mediators have mastered topics including self-awareness, communication, problem solving, conflict mediation strategies, and more. WIth their new skills, our WJ graduates will be able to facilitate mediation to help their fellow students solve social conflicts together. Next steps: Our WJ mediators may have an opportunity to practice their skills virtually at the end of this year. Our current 7th graders will have the opportunity to do so next year in-person, and we hope our 8th graders will take their skills into high school to continue mediation there!

Gay Student Alliance
Mission:  To provide an alliance between all members of the community regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity by building a community based on tolerance and acceptance striving for a world in which personal happiness of every one person is the priority of all people.