Health Office Hours 8:30am-3:30 pm  
310-533-4562 Ext 8782, 8783 or 8710

The health of our school community continues to be a priority. 

To Report information to our Health Office about any illness:


Jovita Leon, LVN                         8:30 AM - 3:00 PM       
                                                      310-533-4562 X 8782

Nicole Rivas, Health Assistant   8:30 AM to Noon          
                                                      310-533-4562 X 8783

 Nisha Bhatt, Health Assistant    Noon to 3:30 PM          
                                                       310-533-4562 X 8710

  • IF a STUDENT BECOMES ILL AT SCHOOL - THEY MAY NOT text or call their parents asking them to call the school. The STUDENT may ask for a pass from their teacher to come to the Health Office, ROOM 10 (not the front office). The school will contact your parents and arrange for the Off-Campus Pass.  

  • Any student who has had a fever of 101 or higher in the past 24 hours, must remain at home.  

  • Before students can return to school, they must be without a fever and fever reducing medication (i.e. Tylenol) for a full 24 hours.

  • Masks - strongly recommended while indoors. We will continue to offer masks for anyone who would like to wear one.

  • Families will be notified if their student is exposed to COVID at school. The current guidelines identify a close contact as anyone who shares an indoor space with an infectious person for 15 minutes or more.

  • When students or staff are exposed, they may continue to come to work and school as long as they do not have symptoms. 

  • Exposed individuals must wear masks while indoors for 10 days from the point of exposure. They are also required to test for COVID 3-5 days after exposure AND 6-9 days after exposure.


Free Meals for 2022-2023 School Year

Breakfast and lunch will be free for all students this school year. Students do not need to do anything, just go to the cafeteria line and receive their meal. Even though meals are free, we are requesting families fill out the meal application form as they would have previously. If they qualify, they could receive other benefits and TUSD gets additional funding for programs that support all students.

Links to go to are:

7th Grade Students MAY NOT BEGIN SCHOOL this August without the proper Proof of Tdap Immunization AND Proof of Varicella 2nd booster. This proof must be provided to the school health office prior to entering the seventh grade.  This immunization must have taken place after the child’s seventh birthday.

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