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District & School Textbook Guidelines

Students are to respect their books and the opportunities for growth they offer.

Students are fully responsible for the books issued to them including any losses and/or damages to all materials borrowed.

Per the California Education Code, Section 48904 & 48904.3, the parent or guardian of a pupil shall be held liable for school district property.

The "Cost of the book" assessment will be charged if the book must be taken out of circulation due to its condition. We have been directed by the District that a book containing ANY MOLD, no matter how small the amount, falls into this category.

Students are to report any damages within 24 hours of checkout or they will be charged for the damages when the book is returned.

Damaged conditions include water damage, torn pages, mold, broken spines, and detached covers. Students must replace the items at their (students/parents) expense. 

DO NOT IGNORE accidental damages to any materials. Bring them to the library right away.
Excuses in June for damages or losses are unacceptable. Expect to receive a bill.

Textbooks are not to be left unattended on campus at any time. Students are advised to never leave their books in a class for any reason. Teachers are NOT responsible for books left in a classroom.

Cover all textbooks right away.  Brown paper bags work really well.
DO NOT tape covers directly to the books, nor use stretch cloth nor sticky laminate covers.

Students are reminded to protect their books against any moisture.
Books that are rarely used and kept in the lockers for extended periods of time are especially susceptible to mold.
Students will be charged the entire cost of the textbook if there is ANY mold in them.

Students are NOT to share a locker or share books.
If students turn in a book that is checked out to someone else, they are still responsible for the original copy checked out to them.
For example, turning in someone else's World History book does not clear this title off the student who is handing it in.

Do NOT bend any book past a 180 degree angle, there is danger of spine damage and students will be charged full replacement cost.

When working in groups, students are to make sure they take their own copy with them.

We have special supplies that work better than scotch tape and glue guns.

Fines and Replacement Costs:

  • Math - $65
  • Algebra - $92
  • Social Studies - $75
  • Science - $85
  • Language Arts - $25
  • Español Santillana - $90
  • Hardcover Required Reading Books - $20

‚ÄčAll textbooks are due by the last day of school. Any book returned after this date is assessed a $5.00 per book fee.
Do not keep any books in lockers. The custodians clean them right after school is out for the summer.
All Library/Textbook debts must be cleared before students can get their textbooks for the next school year.

Media Center

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Media Lab Guidelines

Students are not allowed to change any settings at all. Rotating the desktops, changing backgrounds, changing the languages of keyboard, downloads, etc., will result in loss of media lab priveleges.

Students may print with their teacher's approval - send it once, wait for the job.

Students may bring assignment-related documents in on their flash drives for printing, before school and/or recess.

Deleting or otherwise altering another student's work will be considered vandalism.