Attendance Office

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Excused Absences:
  Schools are required by law to account for absences. When a pupil returns to school following any absence, the student must present a written note from the parent/guardian to the office before going to class.   


Absences may be excused in one of three ways:

  1. parent/guardian email to the attendance office at 
  2. parent/guardian signed note brought to the Attendance Office.  
  3. A doctor’s note brought to the Attendance Office.  The note must have the doctor’s information (name, address, etc.) in addition to the student’s full name, reason, and date(s) of absence.
    Students absent for more than three (3) days must provide a doctor’s note to the office before returning to classes.  
All notes and emails must include the following information:
  1. Student’s full name 
  2. Grade
  3. Date(s) of absence and/or periods missed
  4. Reason for absence
  5. Parent/Legal Guardian printed name, signature and relationship to student

Extended Travel (5 days or more) and Independent Study Contracts (from our Handbook page 13). Students who are away from school for travel or family circumstances for 5 or more days are required to submit a written letter from the parent in advance.  Study Contracts may be issued and require at least a week to process.  Students must bring in completed work upon their return.

Legally, students are to be in school all day, every day, except for occasional illness. School districts no longer receive funding from the State of California for pupils absent from school. This includes all absences, even those related to illness, appointments, and funerals.

Parents/guardians of children aged 6-18 are obligated to send their children to school unless otherwise provided by law. (Education Code 48200).

Excused Absences (Education Code 48205):

  • A student’s illness (not parent’s or another family member).

  • Medical, dental or eye appointments.

  • Attending the funeral of an immediate family member: one (1) day in California; three (3) days out of California. Immediate family member means student’s mother/father, brother/sister, child, grandmother/grandfather, or spouse, spouse’s mother/father, spouse’s child, spouse’s brother/sister, or any relative living the immediate household of the student.

  • Court appearance when the student has subpoena with his/her name on it.

  • Religious holiday/retreat/ceremony (max of four (4) hours per semester) with prior written request from parent and approval from school.

  • Schedule medical and dental appointments after school or on school holidays.

  • Seek assistance from a school counselor if you are having problems getting your child to school. They can direct you to resources that will help you.

Excusing Students from School: Students may not leave school during school hours without an off-campus pass. A student should take his/her parent signed request to the attendance office before school to obtain a pass. If a student returns to school after leaving campus, he/she needs to check in at the office upon return. Passes to go home for lunch will not be approved.

Absence and Tardy Policy:   Students who miss class habitually or are tardy to class habitually have a difficult time reaping the benefits of the educational program. Students are expected to be on time for classes. Students are considered “on-time” when they are in their seats when the tardy bell rings.  When a student is late to school, they must report to the office with a note signed by the parent/guardian.  A tardy may be excused ONLY for illness and medical appointment. All other reasons for being tardy are unexcused.

To combat truancy, tardiness and unnecessary absenteeism, Madrona will take the steps outlined below:

Absences from school accumulate for the entire year:
@ 3 unexcused absences, attendance letter one is sent home
@ 6 unexcused absences, attendance letter two is sent home
@ 9 unexcused absences, a Pre-SARB meeting is held
@10 unexcused absences, the student is recommended for a SARB hearing

Tardy to School in the morning (process will restart at start of each quarter)
@3 = parent notification (by teacher or on progress/report card)
@5 = Attendance letter one is sent home
@6+ tardies = lunch detention, parent contact
@10 tardies = attendance letter two is sent home, after school detention

Tardy to Class (process will restart at start of each quarter)
@2 = automatic S in Citizenship for that class
@3 = automatic N in Citizenship for that class, and parent contact
@4 or more = automatic U in Citizenship.
@10 = office referral, parent contact, lunch detention assigned