At the beginning of 8th-grade year, Madrona students are counseled to make good choices while on campus and to demonstrate maturity in actions, leadership while on campus, and positive interactions with staff and peers. 8th-grade points are tracked for each student throughout the school year. Students are continually encouraged to "Be Respectful and Be Responsible" to earn the privilege to participate in 8th-grade activities:


100 points

  • 80-100 - May Still Participate In All Activities
  • 70-79 - No Picnic, No Field Trip
  • 60-69 - No Picnic, No Dance, No Field Trip
  • ↓ 59 - No Picnic, No Dance, No Field Trip, No Promotion

How Are Points Lost?

  • Lunch Detention - Minus 1 point
  • After School Detention - Minus 2 points
  • Citizenship (N) - Minus 3 points
  • Citizenship (U) - Minus 5 points
  • Suspension - 5 points/day

Note: The administration will deduct points and take away activities as situations arise.