Wednesday & Thursday Tutorial Period

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JMS Tutorials “HOW TO” Book a Tutorial

Important to Note:

  • Tutorials Open by Friday during homeroom each week.
  • Each Week Your Tutorial MUST be booked by Wednesday, before 4th period.
  • Write your tutorial session in your student agenda both on the ‘Tutorial Log’ and on the Wednesday/Thursday the tutorial takes place, don’t forget to note the tutorial’s location!

How to Sign-Up for a Tutorial Session on eTUSD

1st     Log onto your eTUSD page

2nd     Click on “Jefferson Students” in your courses

3rd     Click on the Tutorial Date for this week

  • Clicking here will show you the priorities for the week
  • Select your tutorial wisely based on your needs, what support you need and upcoming tests, assignments, and/or projects

4th     To book a tutorial for the week, Click on "Tutorial - Book your spot here Booking" icon

  • This will show you all the tutorials available for the week, both closed and open, and how many spots are open or left in each tutorial.
  • Locate the class you want for the week. Click on the Book Now button.

5th     Click on the “Continue” button to initially save your selected session.

6th     Click on the next “Continue” button to confirm your selected session.

7th     If your session has been saved and confirmed correctly for the week, you will receive a confirmation email in your eTUSD account.

Welcome to the JMS Thursday Tutorial Period page! Below are downloadable and printable resources to assist in navigating the tutorial period. 

JMS Tutorial Bell Schedule

Homeroom presentation "What is Tutorial Period Wednesday & Thursday?"

If you loose your Student Planner/Agenda click here for the Tutorial Log sheet

Tutorial Period Bell Schedule





Period 1

8:40 – 9:29


Period 2

9:32 – 10:21





Period 3

10:39 – 11:28


Period 4

11:31 – 12:20

3 Book Drop to Tutorial 12:20 - 12:23



(Daily Bulletin)

12:23 – 12:50


Lunch (ALL)

12:50 – 1:30

5 Book Pickup from Tutorial 1:30-1:35


Period 5

1:35 – 2:24

49 Period 6 2:27 – 3:16