Naviance: Connecting Learning & Life

Naviance is a comprehensive K-12 college and career readiness platform that enables self-discovery, career exploration, academic planning, and college preparation for millions of students around the globe. Naviance is a place for our students to identify their strengths and align their interests to long-term college and career goals. Schools and parents can monitor student progress and track outcomes. Naviance is a blended learning experience for our JMS students that helps develop critical non-cognitive skills and college knowledge, plus instills confidence so that they persevere to reach their long-term college and career goals.

Dimensions of Readiness

Preparing our middle school students for post-secondary success is a multi-dimensional process. Within Naviance students begin by learning about themselves and exploring careers, then creating plans and developing the skills and knowledge necessary to accomplish their goals.  Naviance brings these dimensions of readiness into one comprehensive platform for both our school and our students at JMS.

Who am I?

Our 8th grade students begin with assessing their strengths via the Naviance Strengths Explorer assessment. This assessment assesses 10 talent themes for individuals and identifies each student’s three strongest emerging talents, such as Confidence, Dependability, or Future Thinker. It provides explanations of these themes, strategies for capitalizing on each, and action items to help students gain insight into their greatest talents – natural patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior – to leverage in the classroom and in life.

Career Exploration

Next, our students explore careers that match their strengths and interests. The Career Cluster Finder is a simple assessment that helps a student discover which career clusters may be a good match based on activities that interest him or her, personal qualities the student has and subjects the student enjoys in school. The results of the assessment include the top three clusters the student is matched with and a ranking of all clusters with a percentage match for the student.

Academic Planning

Planning for Success. The Success Planning tools in Naviance allow students and school staff members to set goals and create tangible, action-oriented, and personalized plans that focus students on the future. Students can contribute to this plan by creating to-dos and marking items as completed. Report on ILP Status and Completion Naviance makes it easy to report on results and see progress. In order to target interventions, schools can see which students still need to meet requirements. Reporting also allows schools and districts to report on the percentage of students who have completed plans, which can be shared with the school board, administrators, or the state.

Jefferson Middle School Student and Parent Link to Naviance

Video on How Student Course Planning Works in Naviance

Academic Planning

Academic Planning

The 6 Steps to Creating a Meaningful Path to Career & College Readiness

  • Myself - Self Awareness is the first step for students to create a path that is meaningful to them. By recognizing their own skills and interest, students form their foundation for a successful future. 
  • My Successful Skills-  By developing successful habits and skills in areas such as homework, life, and goal setting, students learn the skills necessary to navigate any path they choose.
  • My Network - Every Student needs support along the way and every student's support network will look different. Teachers, school staff, families and others create a network as students move through the path to post-secondary readiness. 
  • My Career Path - No matter what a student aspires to do in life, having the skills to be career-ready is essential. Resumes, career planning, and goal setting all help students set out the best path for them. 
  • My College Plan - The key to college readiness is to start early. By understanding the college process, exploring college options, and navigating the steps to apply, students will be equipped to reach their potential for post-secondary education. 
  • My Finances - Start financial readiness early with financial awareness. By providing students and families with tools to make smart decisions and developing the skills to complete the FAFSA, students will be well prepared for post-secondary financial success.