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Are you interested in starting a club on campus? First, run your idea through the principal or assistance principal!  Meet with Ms. Nunes or Mr. Cardenas, or simply send an email or note! Have in mind who the club will serve, what day of the week the club will run, the number of times a month the club will meet, and the length of time the club will run during the school year (i.e. First semester only, all school year, etc.) Next, once the initial approval has been made with school administration, you will need to find a teacher sponsor to assist in guiding and running the club along with you. Together, with your teacher sponsor, you will create the club's schedule, flyers and advertisement for your club, and then ensure the school office knows your club meeting dates, times, location, teacher sponsor, and timeline. 

JMS Clubs




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Everyone is Welcome to the Jefferson Run Club!

Come exercise and run with us after school on Tuesdays. The JMS Run Club is where staff and students come together to exercise and run either on campus or around our local neighborhood for approximately an hour each Tuesday after school. 

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