Adventures in Art

Adventures in Art Mission

Adventures in Art in TUSD and at JMS is a volunteer implemented fine arts program annually providing five elementary and five middle school projects to participating schools. Adventures in Art projects are specially selected to give students the opportunity and methodology to create their own unique art solutions while using fine art materials. Adventures in Art philosophy is grounded in the belief that a child's art experience should focus on the process rather than the finished product. Adventures in Art is dedicated to expanding the creative spirit in children in a nonjudgmental environment. The goal of the Adventures in Art program is to build a solid foundation of artistic exploration and fun that will interest, inspire and motivate children to confidently and skillfully create works of art beyond our program's annual projects.

Interested in becoming a volunteer docent or helping AIA in other ways?  Simply complete the volunteer form below and return it to our school office.

AIA Volunteer Form

2016-2017 AIA Docent Workshop SCHEDULE

October 6, 2016 Orientation All Docents Must Attend

October 20, 2016 Workshop #1 Abstract Artistree

November 17, 2016 Workshop #2 Bird of Feather

January 5, 2017 Workshop #3 Colorful Chaos

February 9, 2017 Workshop #4 Malibu Tiles

March 9, 2017 Workshop #5 Chihuly Inspired Cylinders

May 18, 2017 YEAR END BRUNCH Attendance is for Fun!

Orientation and Workshops are held on Thursday’s in the Ken Miller Auditorium at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center (Madrona & Torrance Blvd) from 9:00 am to 11:30 am.




AIA Philosophy and Goals

The philosophy of Adventures In Art (AIA) emphasizes problem-solving that allows the student to determine the desired end result. The Adventures In Art experience consists of:  
• Exercising the powers of observation and imagination
• Stimulating the motivation to learn
• Encouraging students to make choices
• Inspiring students to be flexible and to adapt
• Showing students how to go from unknown to a known