John A. Neu Leadership Academy

The John J. Neu Leadership Academy, in partnership with Jefferson Middle School, is an enriching opportunity through the City of Torrance for our middle school students to assist in preparing them for their journey through high school and into early adulthood. The program focus primarily on 8th grade students and providing them a foundation and skills to make sound decisions towards their future, grow upon leadership skills, facilitate life skills instruction, and instill accountability.  

This ten-week program is offered to 20 students who are selected to participate based on their good standing at the school and potential leadership in high school. The program provides these students an education non adolescent challenges, as well as prepares them to deal with the peer pressures associated with their journey into young adulthood. Additional instruction includes support in developing healthy relationships and promoting effective decision making. At the end of the ten week course, students have the opportunity to participate in an all-day field trip to a ropes course activity in Culver City. The concluding ropes course provides students the opportunity to implement the teamwork, leadership and communication skills, creativity, courage and confidence they gained throughout the program via a series of rope challenges.

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