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How-To Cover my Book

Use the Following link to watch a WIKI on how to cover your book:

If you need additional help, there are a lot of videos on YOU TUBE: click View Videos and type "How to Cover a Textbook".


Calle Mayor Online Digital Library

One of the goals for Calle Mayor is to have an Online Digital Library for our students to use. This Online Library will allow students an opportunity to download reading books that they may be using in class or just have an interest in reading. These books will not have late fees, are free to use for the students and can be read on a multitude of devices. We have been researching this over the last few years and are excited that we can offer this to our students, specifically keeping in mind something that is easy. This is just an option for students, hard copy books will still be available, we are just looking for a way to prevent student loss of books and/or damage to books and think that this may be something that will enable students to access reading books on smart phones or other devices that they have in their possesion most of the time.

Over Drive is something that our public libraries use, for the OVER DRIVE APP: Click here to set up an account and download the APP on your device: Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Chromebook, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Kindle Fire HD, and NOOK® HD/HD+. You will need to set up an account at a County Public Library, a link to the County Library can be found here


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General Reference

World Atlas

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Farmers Almanac

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Fact Checking (Is something True or False)


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Great Sites for Primary Resources

Library of Congress

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National Archives

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Get Your News Sources Here


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Real Clear Politics

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Other Research Resources


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Encyclopedia Britannica

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