GATE (Gifted and Talented Education)

Calle Mayor Middle School prides itself on academic excellence and the high achievement of our students. The goal of our GATE program is to identify students with exceptional abilities, well beyond grade or age expectations, and then establish how the child can receive both differentiated learning experiences within the classroom and an occasional enrichment opportunity outside of the classroom. Calle Mayor began offering enrichment sessions for GATE identified students, sometimes as an after school activity but a majority of GATE opportunities occur within our Office Hour sessions every week during Wednesdays and Thursdays. Students are encouraged to seek out different learning opportunities in all academic areas during the Office Hour sessions or attend one of our after school clubs. In the past some of these great opportunities have been a review of the Cuban Missile Crisis, The Twilight Zone Review in English and numerous science experiments. The mission of the District is to build a solid Tier 1 core foundation that ensures high levels of learning for ALL students (inclusive of our gifted students). This year’s GATE professional support/development is focused on differentiating through core instruction. GATE Teacher Leaders are resources for all teachers and PLC work on your site as we collaborate on differentiation through core instruction.

Enrichment opportunities are provided through a variety of ways across the district, which include outside, during, and after school - tailored at each site to best meet the needs of their community. GATE identification is not a part of placement criteria for course enrollment. If you have a GATE identified student, please watch for the invitations throughout the year or check here for invitations.

If you would like to learn more about GATE, please check the TUSD GATE Website for additional information.

Students are encouraged to listen to school announcements for different academic sessions that support GATE students.

Some STEM Websites with information about STEM Programs for Students.

Girls Who Code:


The National Science Foundation:

The National Science Teaching Association:

University of Colorado, Boulder:

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Our GATE Coordinator is Ms. Gere and Librarian Ms. Patton.