8TH Grade Page

South High School: If you have questions about classes at South High or are going to be an 8th grader or are a current 8th grader going to be a 9th grader next year, please contact South High as Calle Mayor doesn't have information about classes or registration events. The South High Website is a great resource, click HERE to be taken there.

South High School Forms

These forms are for students who will be a FRESHMAN (9th Grade) at SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL, during the School Year. 

SHS Honors-AP Commitment Form

8TH Grade Meetings

8TH Grade Parent Meetings will be held throughout the school year at different times. The first meeting was held on 10 SEPT at 5:00PM in the Calle Cafe. The purpose of this meetings are to provide you with information about activities that will take place to raise funds for 8th Grade activities. The Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer Game dates can be found in the "Parents" page on the website, for additional information about 8th grade events or if you would like to volunteer to help out.

8th Grade Promotion:  Calle Mayor promotion will take place this year, 2019-2020, at the South High School STADIUM.  The event will begin at 4:00PM, no tickets are required and families can sit on both the Visitor and Home sides of the stadium. As we get closer to this event, there will be a link on the mainpage of the website with a map of the promotion layout at the SHS Stadium. The promotion event takes about 40 minutes. Additional information will be provided in early JUNE.

8th Grade Gown Pick-up for promotion: Students will be able to pick up their gowns in the office, after school on TBD.  

8th Grade Awards: The 8th Grade Awards will be on the WEDNESDAY, prior to the Promotion on Thursday. This event will honor our 8th grade students prior to heading to the school picnic.

8th Grade PICNIC: The 8th Grade Picnic will be on the WEDNESDAY, following the 8th Grade Awards presentation.

8th Grade Promotion Dance: The 8th Grade Promotion Dance will be held at South End Athletic Club, the event will take place on Thursday, from 7:30-10PM. All food, drink and entertainment will be free, please plan on picking up your child no later than 10:30PM.