Calle Mayor's Historical Perspective

Calle Mayor's Historical Perspective is a collection of vintage Torrance Herald Newspapers which are interesting, educational and help us unite and understand our Torrance community that we live in.

Check out the Torrance Herald in regards to the purchase of some land from a neighbor. Click on the newspaper below to see it!

Education News

Torrance Unified School District begins taking bids for the construction of Calle Mayor. Click on CALLE to see the article.

How some schools in Torrance Unified were named. Check out the newspaper for the information, click on CALLE to see the article.

What is a Spring Fling and Calle Mayor had one, check out the article. Click on CALLE to seethe article.

Seaside Elementary didn't always feed into Calle Mayor, do you know why? See the Historical Snapshot to the right for a clue. Click on CALLE to see how the local community decided to draw the boundary lines and why.

Calle Mayor students will now attend Arnold Elementary School? How did this happen, click on CALLE to see the article.

A variance for Calle Mayor, why would this be needed? Click on CALLE to see the article.

Exercise Optical Muscles with the Calle Mayor Safety Campaign. Click on CALLE to see the photo and article.

Calle Mayor students strike gold in 1962. Click on CALLE to see the article.

Calle Mayor Staff develops a teaching machine. Click on CALLE to see the article.