Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) is a faith based club that gives students and athletes an opportunity to share, discuss and encourage one another in their relationship with God by engaging with Him in a loving, non-threatening environment. Attendees don’t have to be athletes or Christians to attend, all are welcome.

 Meetings are every Thursday during lunch in Room  31.

There are four basic components for FCA club meetings. Although each one is conducted individually, the meetings may or may not have all components present.

Welcome - Greet fellow students and open in prayer.

Warm up - Ice breaker. To get the kids involved and interacting with each other

Workout - Sharing a topic or Bible passage on what God’s love looks like and how to be a reflection of His love to others in their sport and on their campus. This is primarily done by either a student leader, guest speaker, or in small groups.

Wrap up - Make announcements on any upcoming events and close in prayer.