Common Core Parent Resources

Tips for Families – Homework help with Common Core math
Math homework is due tomorrow—how can I help?

A series of print materials or “tip sheets” designed to provide parents with module-by-module guidance for supporting their child’s study of math.

California Department of Education – Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Resources for Parents and Guardians

National PTA Parents' Guides to Student Success – “A sample of what your child will be working on” & “how to help your child learn at home”

California PTA Parent Resources

Article - This Isn't The Math I Remember!

Parent and Family Resources for Common Core

A series of videos aimed at helping parents navigate and better understand the Common Core Standards

Common Core Resources for Parents – guides, roadmaps, and overview videos

Three-Minute Video Explaining the Common Core State Standards

What's Cooking With the Common Core in California? – An instructional website with short videos that allow children to learn many subjects, particularly math, for free.

What Parents Can Do to Help their Students Learn – Expectations for Students, Ideas for Parents

Why does the math that my child brings home look different from the math I remember?

Introducing Common Core to Parents and Community Members

Common Core Shifts - What Parents Can Do

How to Help Your Child Learn CCSS

How to Help with Common Core Homework

Ideas to Support Children with Common Core at Home

California County Superintendents Educational Services Association – Parent Handbook for Overview of Common Core Standards