Objective: To provide maximum protection for students, school personnel, and school property.

Student Release:

  • All students are to remain at school until they can be released to a parent or other responsible adult, or they are released by direction of the superintendent.
  • Only parents who are named on the emergency card will be able to have children released to them, as long as they possess a photo ID. Parents are to sign out children before leaving.
  • In the event it becomes necessary to care for students who have not been united with their families or the family of friends, the school will safeguard the students for as long as necessary.
  • All school gates will be locked except Nancy Lee gate (in front of the office on Nancy Lee Lane).
  • The Nancy Lee gate will be the designated entrance and exit for TUSD certified disaster volunteers and parents who have photo ID.

Traffic Control: Parents have been requested NOT to drive motor vehicles to school during an emergency in order to help keep the roads clear for emergency vehicles. Parent are asked to come from Calle Mayor Street down Newton Street, but DO NOT DRIVE on NANCY LEE LANE, as emergency trucks and support vehicles will need to get as close as possible to the campus.

Temporary Emergency Aid Center: If necessary, the school will become an emergency aid center. During emergencies, all school personnel will automatically become civil defense personnel. As such, they will come under the authority of civil defense authorities or the principal.

Command Post

The Command Post will be on the blacktop area. Communication with all School Safety and Emergency Management (SEMS) Teams will be made from the Command Post. District and city communications will be made from the Communications Center located in the office if possible.


  1. Search & Rescue
  2. Medical
  3. Student Release
  4. Student Care & Supervision
  5. Security & Facilities
  6. Command Post