College Going Culture

Richardson Middle School believes in creating an environment that encourages students and their families to obtain the information, tools, and perspective to enhance access to and success in post-secondary education. The Richardson staff holds high expectations for all students so that they can be successful here at RMS, when they go on to South High, and in all of their future endeavors. Familiarity with the following chart will assist in planning for the future and ensure that a college going culture exists both at school and at home:

Comparison of High School Graduation and College Admission Requirements

Subject SHS Graduation Requirements UC/CSU Admission Requirements

History & Social Studies

3 years – 30 credits

3 years


4 years – 40 credits

4 years


2 years – 20 credits

3 years through Algebra 2

(Higher level recommended)


2 years – 20 credits

2 years (Biology & Chemistry)

(3 or 4 years recommended)

Foreign Language

1 year – 10 credits

(or 10 credits Visual Performing Art)

2 years of same language

(3 or 4 years recommended)

Visual & Performing Arts

1 year – 10 credits

(or 10 credits Foreign Language)

1 year

Additional Requirements

PE: 2 years – 20 credits

Health: 1 semester – 5 credits

Electives – 75 credits


Satisfactory Citizenship – 6 semesters

1 year (10 credits ) of college prepelectives

SAT 1 or ACT

SAT Subject tests (UC only)

Grade of “C” or better in all courses