Math Club

The RMS Math Competition Club ("MC squared") meets every Monday from 3-4pm in Room 14.  Students practice a variety of challenging, math competition-style problems and learn different strategies and shortcuts.  

The Club is run by teacher-sponsor Mr. Michael Fujii and parent volunteers Betty Lieu and Rosita Oey. South High School math wizards Edward and Alvin help as assistant coaches to our "mathletes".

Currently running in its third year, the RMS Math Competition Club participates in a number of math tournaments both on and off campus.  Some of these tournaments are made possible through math grants awarded to RMS from the community.  During the MathCounts 2016 chapter tournament held at Northrop Grumman, the RMS team placed first in its division.

All students are welcome to come and check out Math Competition Club!


Math Competition Club (MCC) 2016-17


Math competition season is soon coming to a close! To the delight of some MCC members, they can finally slow down in practicing their math competition questions. However, some die-hard mathletes plan to continue their daily one to two hours of practice to be even more ready for tournaments next school year!


Currently in its third year at  RMS, the MCC members participate in over twelve tournaments per year (a huge increase from only one tournament two years ago)! With two parent-coaches (Mrs. Oey and Mrs. Lieu) and an official teacher-sponsor (Mr. Fujii), MCC has been meeting at least once every week since the beginning of the school year, continuing until the end of April. During meetings, mathletes practice the types of tournament questions that their next tournament will have. (To some students, it's more like snacking, socializing and some practicing!) This school year, many of our members performed very well! Check out some of their accomplishments:

Brennan Lieu (8th grade)

- top 1% of students in the nation under the prestigious Mathematics Association of America

- ranked 82 under the esteemed California State MathCounts Competition

- Captain of top 4th performing team under Chapter MathCounts Competition 

Evan Mertens (8th grade)

- top 5% of students in the nation under the prestigious Mathematics Association of America

- top 3rd individual performer under Chapter MathCounts Competition 

Cindy Zhang (8th grade)

- member of Torrance USD 8th grade team at LA County Math Field Day

Even our coaches ranked and received plaques from chapter competition! 

The elected officers of MCC are:

President: Brennan Lieu

Vice President: Chris Liu

Secretary (& tshirt designer): Shua Cho

Publicity Officers: Ellie Hwang & Jessica Oey

6th grade Representative: Christian Kim


Our last meeting of the school year (aka party time, according to some) will be held on the last Monday of April in Mr. Fujii's room. It will include our fun and exciting one-on-one countdown run for all those who want to play. (Some 8th grade GATE students may not attend due to CIMI.)

Come check it out on 4/27, or at the beginning of next school year when we meet up again with our beloved Mr. Fujii!