Student Service and Community Organizations

Leadership (Elective Course on Campus)
Melissa Waller - Teacher
Leadership and volunteerism to school and community are important qualities and skills to a well rounded and enriched life.  ASB leaders are expected to be role models, exhibit strong citizenship, apropriate behavior and must remain in good standing the entire year. Applicants in grades 6-8 who are selected for this elective course are required to perform volunteer services, participate in the creation and implementation of school site events, some of which are after school hours or on the weekends.  Space is limited.

Volunteer Hour Requirements:  Community Service of ½ hour per week (5 hours per quarter).  School Service of 5 hours per quarter (20 hours per year). School service may be fullfilled during recess, lunch, before school, and afterschool for ASB events. For example selling Holiday grams at lunch will count for 30 minutes of school service. All hours must be logged online at by the last day of each quarter.

Volunteer Service Awards:  We believe student leaders should give back to their school and community. Students who volunteer 50 hours or more in the school year will receive “The Presidents Volunteer Service Award" which comes directly from the President of the United States.  Students who serve 50-74 hours will earn a Bronze pin and certificate, those who serve 75-99 hours will earn a Silver pin and certificate and those who serve 100+ hours will earn a Gold pin and certificate. 

California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF)
Nancy Ton – Teacher Advisor
CJSF is a club that emphasizes high academic standards and community service.  To be a member of CJSF, students must maintain a 3.5 GPA and have all E and/or S marks in citizenship.  Only grades earned in grade 7 and 8 will count toward membership which is assessed each semester.  Members are encouraged to serve at least 20 hours of community service per semester in order to remain active members.  Students must be active for 2 semesters in order to earn recognition at 8th grade promotion.