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Cynthia Osejo


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Cynthia Osejo is the library media technician at Madrona Middle School.  With more than 20 years’ experience in the campus library and computer lab environment, she is well versed in both facets of the position.  She is very knowledgeable in the area of youth literature and stands ready to support the students in their search for reading materials, whether it be assignment-based or for leisure.  Her strong passion for promoting literacy is seen through the several reading programs she enjoins our students in annually, and of which Madrona’s students have earned winning positions throughout the years.  In addition to library duties, she also oversees the campus computer lab, where she is available to assist with online research needs, printing, emailing and general technology-related troubleshooting issues, for students and staff alike.

A student herself, Cynthia holds a degree in Criminal Justice and is currently enrolled in the degree program for Social Work.  She came to school life after 12 years in the purchasing department of an office supply wholesaler, and another 12 years in the accounting department in aerospace.  A South Bay native, she is married, has three daughters and three grand pups.

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