Students are held accountable for their achievement, behavior and effort throughout the year. Eligibility to participate in quarterly extracurricular activities is dependent on student GPA and citizenship. Students will be notified on a quarterly basis of their eligibility standing.

To remain eligible for privileges, students must:

  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA each quarter
  • Earn no more than one 'U' in Citizenship marks

Hull's goal is to have as many students earn their privileges to participate in all extracurricular activities. Ineligible students will receive added support from a designated teacher. 

Students earning below a 2.0 and/or more than one 'U' in Citizenship will automatically lose all extracurricular activities for the following quarter such as: the Harvest Festival, Winter Dance, Spring Festival, Spring Dance, End of Year activities, or participation in school organized sports. Students with records of severe/ repeated behavioral concerns will lose the privilege to participate in the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony.