School Policies

Hull has established policies to help make our school a productive, supportive, and safe place for student learning. We have outlined three school wide expectations as our foundation for student success. 

Hull School-Wide Expectations

  1. Be Safe
  2. Be Respectful
  3. Be Responsible

Infractions of J.H. Hull’s policies/expectations will result in consequences in accordance with the TUSD Discipline Matrix. 

General School Policies

School office hours are 7:30am – 4:00pm. The main office provides services to conduct school business, maintain student records, offer emergency assistance and provide information to the community. 

In order to enter the office parents, guardians, and guests must be prepared to show a govenrment issued photo ID. Names of parents and guardians must be current on PowerSchool in order to pick up students during the school day. 

No drop-off of lunches or items to the Office. A cart will be available outside of the front office door for frop-off of items at your own risk. Students will be able to come to the front office to check the cart during Snack and Lunch only.

Students are expected to arrive on-time to all classes, including first period. Students who are tardy to first period class are required to report to the Attendance Office to check in, pick up a Tardy Slip and immediately report to their first period teacher. All other tardies are recorded by the appropriate teacher. Those students who are habitually tardy (tardy three or more times) will be assigned consequences.

If a student needs to leave campus early parents must notify the Attendance Office in writing. Students must bring a written note to the Attendance Office before school begins to obtain an Off Campus Pass. Parents can then meet their child in the office where they will sign them out at the front desk. It is against school policy to release any student from campus on the authority of a phone call only. All off campus passes must be returned to the attendance office the day/period the student returns to school.

When returning to school from any absence, students must bring a note signed by a parent or guardian stating the exact date and reason for the absence. The note should be turned in to the Attendance Office before school. It is not necessary to phone the school regarding student absences. Please try to schedule doctor or dental appointments during non-school hours or attend school for at least part of the day so you are not counted absent for the entire day.

If you are ill, most assignments can be made up when you return to school. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain work missed from the teacher(s) due to an absence.

If you will be on vacation for 5 or more days, please pick up an “Independent Study Contract” from the Attendance Office to complete class assignments for credit during your absence. This does not apply to absences due to illness. 

View TUSD Excused Absences Policy

Students may carry a cell phone at school but it must be turned off during school hours, cell phones may be turned on after school and off campus. Students are encouraged to leave cell phones in their lockers. Please refrain from contacting your child during the school day, in case of an emergency contact the office. All other electronics should not be brought to school. 

Consequences for violating the cell phone & electronics policy include confiscation of the cell phone, parent notification, after school detention, and possible check-in of phone in the office daily.