Student Resources

Making Reports

Students can report a concern anonymously through the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System 24/7 call center, mobile app or website.

Examples of some of the things you can report:
 » Bullying or regular intimidation
 » Bragging about an upcoming planned attack
 » Depression, anxiety or loss of self-control
 » Fighting

How to See a Counselor

Sign up to see a counselor in the office using the iPad - a counselor will call you in at an appropriate time to talk individually. Counselors are also available during Snack & Lunch for walk-ins. 


Students wishing to start a club at Hull can write a proposal and submit it to the Office.
Proposals must include:

  • How the club will benefit Hull
  • Name of adult sponsor (teacher, staff)
  • Day and time of meetings


Locker Instructions

- Turn right 2 or more whole turns - stop at 1st number
- Turn left 1 whole turn past the 1st number - stop at the 2nd number
- Turn right and go directly to the 3rd number
- Lift the black handle up and pull the door out.
** Make sure to fit all your items in the locker before closing.