Health Office

Any time a student comes to the Health Office their name, the date and time, and the reason for their visit is recorded.

Only a parent or guardian can bring a prescribed or over-the-counter medication to the Health office to administer to their child directly. 

If a student requires medication(s) during school hours, regardless of the number of days, the prescribing physician and the parent must fill out our TUSD Medications At School Policy form each new school year. This form must be returned to the Health Office before any medications can be administered at school.

All medications must be brought to and kept in the Health Office. Students wishing to use their inhalers as needed throughout the school day need to complete the Permission to Carry an Inhaler Contract. This contract must be completed by the parent and physician and returned to the health clerk.

If a student who uses an inhaler chooses not to participate with the Permission to Carry an Inhaler Contract, his or her inhaler will be kept in the Health Office and made available at any time the student may need to use their device during the school day.

Parents are allowed to excuse students from P.E. up to three days using the P.E. Excuse Form. After three days, a doctor’s note is required.

Copies of the form can be found in the Hull Office, a printable version is also available. Please bring this form to the office to get the date stamped. Once stamped, the form will be given to the student to take to P.E.

Health Office Contacts