Learning Centers

Language Arts Center

The Language Arts Center is an open environment where adults are provided opportunities for learning English language arts skills ranging from a non-reader level to competency based High School Diploma courses. Students are provided the basic language skills that integrate program standards for Adult Basic & Secondary Education.

The Adult Basic Education Program (ABE) located in the Language Arts Center is a literacy program that provides basic skills instruction in reading and writing. Students are provided computer assisted learning, individualized instruction, and independent study programs. ABE learners are taught basic reading, writing, speaking, listening, critical thinking, and problem solving skills to become more successful and productive members of the community.

High School Diploma English Language Arts courses are also offered in the Language Arts Center. These are competency based courses designed to develop reading comprehension, literary analysis, and written composition. Courses are structured to develop and enhance analytical and critical thought processes as well as interpretative and evaluative skills.

Learning Center

Adult Secondary Education: High School Diploma, Enrichment Courses, and High School Equivalency Exam Preparation.

The Learning Center is a classroom environment that provides direct instruction in the area of Math and provides the opportunity for students to work independently and at their own pace in all other High School subjects. Students may enroll in classes required for a High School Diploma, enrichment, and/or preparation for the High School Equivalency Certificate (GED® or HiSET™). A credentialed teacher is available for all students who need assistance. Direct instruction in General Math Basic A, General Math Basic B, and Algebra 1. Meet two times per week and regular attendance is required.