High School Diploma (HSD)


Classes are held at the Torrance Adult School - Hamilton Adult Center and/or Online.

High School Graduation Requirements

Students must complete 200 credits in order to receive a high school diploma:

English 40 credits
Math 10 credits
Algebra 10 credits
World History 10 credits
U.S. History 10 credits
U.S. Government 10 credits
Economics 5 credits
Biological Science 10 credits
Physical Science 10 credits
Arts/Foreign Language 10 credits
Health* 1 credit
Electives* 79 credits
TOTAL CREDITS 200 credits
  • *Health - You can receive Health credit by obtaining or showing a valid Red Cross CPR & 1st Aid Card
  • *Electives - You can receive Electives credit from Work Experience, SCROC, etc.

Completing your diploma is most efficient when students require less than 30 credits. 

Other Requirements

  • Students must complete at least 5 credits at our school in order to receive our diploma.
  • To transfer credits, we must have official transcripts from the last school where you earned credits. If you attended college and/or a foreign school, you must provide those transcripts.

High School Courses at Hamilton Adult Center

  • Students work on one course at a time. One course is worth 5 credits.
  • All high school courses are free.
  • Bring a pencil to class every time.
  • Minimum 6 hours of attendance per week or will be dropped.
  • 1 course must be completed per term.
  • Enrollment period is limited. Schedule your appointment before the beginning of the term.