High School Equivalency (HiSET/GED)

Hamilton Adult Center



(Time allotments and descriptions are indicative of the GED® Exam)



  • Passages in the reading comprehension section will contain between 450 - 900 words
  • 75% of texts are informational-nonfiction and workplace contexts
  • Writing will be scored based on 
    • Analysis of arguments and use of evidence
    • Development of ideas and structure
    • Clarity and command of standard English conventions
    • Grammar
    • Usage
    • Capitalization and punctuation
  • Test-takers are required to draw evidence from a literary or informational text to support analysis and reflection
  • Test-takers must use technology to produce writing, demonstrating sufficient command of keyboarding skills
  • It is suggested that test-takers use 45 minutes to read a source text, compose their responses, and review/edit

Test 3   SOCIAL STUDIES  (Approx. 70 minutes)

  • Questions come from the following areas:
    • Civics and Government 50%
    • U.S. History 20%
    • Economics 15%
    • Geography and the World 15%

Test 4   SCIENCE  (Approx. 90 minutes)

  • The test includes the following content areas:
    • Life Science 40%
    • Physical Science 40%
    • Earth and Space Science 20%

Test 5   MATHEMATICS  (Approx. 115 minutes)

  • The test includes the following content areas:
    • Math/Algebra 55%
    • Quantitative Problem Solving 45%
  • The number of questions on the test will vary
  • Candidates will be provided a virtual, on-screen Texas Instruments TI-30XS scientific calculator and calculator reference tool to use on a portion of the items in the math test.


Testing Center

HiSET & GED testing is available at our Levy Adult Center: 3420 W. 229th Place Torrance, CA 90505. Please scroll down for more information. For questions regarding the exam, or information on how to register, please contact (310) 533-4689 x8200

High School Equivalency Tests

1.) HiSet™

Torrance Adult School offers the HiSET™ test in a paper-based format. The test consists of five subject areas. FREE advising and preparation courses are available.

HiSET practice tests are offered to help determine if you are ready to pass or need additional study preparation. Call Hamilton Adult Center to schedule a practice test (310) 533-4689 ext. 8400.

HiSET™ test schedule for TAS students:


Hiset Testing Schedule flyer

2.) GED®

Torrance Adult School also offers the GED® exam. The test consists of four subject areas. FREE advising and preparation courses are available.

Any questions about the GED® test please call: 1(877) 392-6433. Students who have not passed a portion of the GED and wish to sign up for a review before re-testing may also contact us for information and pricing for the review at: (310) 533-4689 ext. 8200.

GED®  test schedule for TAS students:

GED Testing Schedule flyer