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Torrance Education Foundation (TEF)

The Torrance Education Foundation promotes and supports academic excellence for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students in the Torrance Unified School District. TEF recognizes outstanding teachers and education contributors, develops strategic alliances with business organizations, parents and the community; nurtures innovation and curiosity; and champions an inspirational, well-rounded education for all young people served by the TUSD.

TEF Mission: To enrich the educational experience for students of the Torrance Unified School District.

TEF Vision: The Torrance Education Foundation is an essential link between the Torrance community and our students’ educational experience.

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-Your Contribution Matters-

Our generous Torrance donor community has made it possible for Torrance Education Foundation (TEF) to contribute in excess of $4 million in support of our TUSD and schools. Since 1992, TEF has been partnering with our District and Educators to ensure Torrance students have as many advantages as we can give them for educational success, enrichment, and extension. In the past five years, with contributions both large and small, TEF has supported key innovative and creative undertakings that are shaping students’ learning experiences. Among our many contributions,

  • TEF paid to acquire, install, and maintain WiFi technology in all TUSD schools. Teachers and students can now access the internet on all campuses for learning tools and research;
  • TEF funds paid for a fully equipped District computer learning laboratory for faculty and staff training purposes;
  • TEF underwrote the cost of mandated Common Core training in literacy, math, and science for elementary, middle, and high school teachers, including placing substitute instructors in all classrooms during the months when TUSD teachers attended the mandated training courses;
  • TEF launched its STEM Initiative grants in 2014. In 2015, more than $25,000 was awarded earlier in November to TUSD teachers for classroom and after-school projects focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math principles;
  • TEF continues to annually support Academic Decathlon and Robotics teams that earn statewide recognition;
  • TEF provides scholarships to graduating seniors at all five high schools with funds provided by both corporate and individual partners;
  • TEF sponsors middle school leadership workshops, and
  • TEF administers the South Bay Enrichment Academy, which improves classroom performance and college readiness by enrolling more than 2,000 Torrance area children annually in an accredited summer school program.

Jefferson Middle School invites and encourages you to join TEF in supporting our TUSD schools. Donate to Torrance Education Foundation today, and let us welcome you to our growing donor community.

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Welcome to South Bay Enrichment Academy Summer School Program

Welcome to South Bay Enrichment Academy (SBEA) website. Through the combined efforts of the Torrance Education Foundation (TEF) and the Torrance Unified School District (TUSD), the SBEA is continuing the tuition-based summer school tradition. This program, designed largely by credentialed TUSD teachers and offered at all levels for incoming K-12th grades, will enable students to maximize their potential for success. Our classes are designed to supplement student learning at the elementary and middle school levels, while providing acceleration and advancement at the high school level. Each and every student will benefit from small class sizes and take away educational experiences lasting a lifetime.

Visit the South Bay Enrichment Academy Website by Clicking view Here

Registration is Now Open: Register online